Techmuskeeters Scholarship Program

Each and every person has the ability to change the world. They just required little effort to complete it.

We know nowadays the expenses of college life is very high and how hard to find the money for it.  So here we tried to provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. It will ease the burden on the student.

Who we are

Techmuskeeters is a website related to homes&kitchen and other various products. Our main focus on cleaning and coffee machine for homeowners, offices, and students. So that the young generation can easily understand the importance of cleaning and coffee machines.

Some of our popular articles are:

Eligibility Requirements

There are the following requirement that a student can apply for the scholarship

  • The applicant must be the U.S. Citizen
  • Must be enrolled in the full-time student at the college or university at the time of applications
  • Proven GPA of 3.5 or above

How to Apply

If you are interested in this scholarship program, please follow the following step:

Step 1: Write a unique article which is around 1000 to 1500 words on any of these topics:

  • How the robot vacuum cleaners are helpful for hardwood floors?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of both office chairs and recliner
  • About the latest technology that incorporated in today’s coffee maker.

Step 2: Submit your article by sending us to with the subject “Scholarship Article” and include the following things in your email:

  • Your written article word .doc or .pdf format
  • Your personal details include your college ID or any other proof that shows that you are currently a student

Selection Process

The final date of submission is March 20, 2021, and the winner will be announced on March 31, 2021. The winner will be notified by an Email.

You should note that submission after the deadline will not be considered.


Note: We do not require, not want any fees, or security details to apply this for the scholarship.