Top 8 Best Recliner For Back Pain in 2023 – Complete Reviews

Are you looking for the best recliner for back pain? Is continuous back pain causing trouble in your daily activities? Or are you feel difficulty sleeping due to back pain? If yes then you are in right place. Because we make a list of honest and complete reviews about the best recliner for back pain.

In today’s time mostly people suffer from back pain. Every second person in this world is suffering from back pain. The back pain will put impact your daily routine. Prolonged sitting, stressful lifestyle, pregnancy, etc might be the main reasons for back pain. Due to this, you can spend a large amount of money on medicines and various other treatments.

The recliner is best for back pain in the furniture category. A good recliner chair will provide great relaxation to the body. It will ease your back pain by reducing the pressure on it at different angles. The best recliner for back pain allows your back to adopt a comfortable position.

There are many variations of the recliner found in the market. This will confuse you at any point in choosing the recliner for back pain. So we have searched and reviewed many recliners for back pain. Some of them are found good and some are worst.

After studied many recliners, we made a detailed list of the best recliner for back pain reviews. These are not only good for the back but also for the best recliner for sleeping.

Recliners Images Ratings
Esright Massage Recliner Chair Esright Massage Recliner Chair 4.1/5
Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider Recliner Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider Recliner 4.1/5
Homall Single Recliner Chair Homall Single Recliner Chair 4.3/5
Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Recliner Chair Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Recliner Chair 4.3/5
Real Relax Full Massage Recliner Chair Real Relax 2020 Full Massage Recliner Chair 4.5/5
Signature Recliner By Ashley Furniture Signature Recliner By Ashley Furniture 4.3/5
Christopher Knight Home Recliner Chair 4.5/5
La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner Chair 3.9/5

Top 8 Best Recliner for Back Pain in 2023- Complete Reviews

1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair- Best for Upper Back Pain

Key features:

  • Esright Massage Recliner ChairCover Material: PU Leather
  • Dimensions: 33.1″L X 35.8″W X 43.2″H
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Reclining Angle: 140 degrees
  • More Features: Side pockets, heat function, and vibrated massage modes

Esright is our topmost priority due to its due to impressive build quality and best features. This chair is most comfortable and made up of soft durable PU Leather. Its sturdy metal frame is enough to support your body weight effectively.

The armrest and back cushion of the recliner is thickly padded with the sponge to maximize comfort. The strong metal base allows the recliner to recline 140 degrees and 360-degree swivel motion, These features allow you to completely relax after a long day of work.

This recliner chair comes with many features such as reclining, massaging, vibrating, and heating. There are five massage control modes and two vibration intensity levels. You can customize the recliner according to your needs. The recliner chair also has additional features such as two cup holders on both armrests and side pockets. This can hold your drink or keeps your things during watching TV or taking a rest without getting disturbed.

Esright recliner is available in seven different colors. It is the most luxurious recliner on the market. This is the best recliner for back pain if you are suffering from any form of back pain. All these features make it the best recliner with thousands of positive reviews and with advanced features.


2. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider Recliner- Best Nursing Recliner

Key features:

  • Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider ReclinerCover Material: Linen Fabric
  • Dimensions:29.25” W x 37” D x 41.5” H
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 lbs
  • Swivel Rotation: 360 degrees
  • More Features: Swivel function and gliding mechanism

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Recliner chair is specifically designed for the nursing mother, so this chair is also known as a nursing chair. But this recliner chair also ensures a high amount of comfort in back pain.

The recliner chair offers four different color variations to enhance the beauty of your living or bedroom. Both linen and microfibre fabric cover materials are used in making the recliner chair. The spring core foam-filled seat enough provides complete support to your back.

This chair is equipped with three functional positions including swivel rotation, smooth gliding, and reclining that give you maximum comfort. The recliner chair is really helpful in post-pregnancy-related body pain. It is good for feeding, nudging, and relaxing. So this chair is the best recliner for back pain relief after pregnancy.


3. Homall Single Recliner Chair-Best Budget Recliner

Key features:

  • Homall Single Recliner ChairCover Material: PU Leather
  • Dimensions(open): 27.6”(W) x 64.2”(D) x 27.9”(H)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Swivel Rotation: 360 degrees
  • More Features: Durable steel frame, curved armrest

Homall Single Recliner Chair is the best budget recliner chair on the market. It is the best recliner for lower back pain for under $150. This recliner chair has come with many features like an expensive one. It can easily hold up to 265 lbs of weight easily.

The recliner chair is made by using high-quality PU leather which gives a soft touch to the recliner. Its modern design also includes a curved armrest, an upgraded footrest, and a good amount of padding so that you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows.

Another best feature of this pushback reclining is that can lean your back at three different angles. This will make your body more comfortable during sleeping. The recliner comes in four different colors that enhance your room decor. This recliner can be recommended for any type of back pain.


4. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Recliner Chair- Best Massaging Recliner

Key features:

  • Color: BrownZero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Recliner Chair
  • Cover Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions(open): 31”(W) x 48”(L) x 46”(H)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 249lbs
  • More Features: Arm airbag, double layer shoulder bag, extra foot padding

If you are looking for a good massage chair under the budget option then this recliner might be best for you. The zero gravity recliner chair by Kahuna is the cheapest massage chair as compared to other models. It offers all the features of massage chairs like an expensive one.

This luxury massage recliner comes with the latest technology and is easy to use for everyone. With the four roller and advanced air cell massage technology, this chair provides deep massage in quieter mode. The L-track massage system, 3 stages of zero gravity, and smart body technology detect your body size for individual custom fit massage.

With the control touch button, you can control this recliner chair. This massage recliner has 6 different auto programs that give you the ultimate level of comfort. You can choose the different individual programs such as special yoga stretching, dual foot rollers, and space-saving technology for the best result. The recliner chair is also the best chair for lower back and hip pain as it offers heat therapy. Overall this is the best massage chair that offers the best massage to relieve your back pain.


5. Real Relax Full Massage Recliner Chair- Best recliner for neck and back pain

Key features:

Real Relax 2020 Full Massage Recliner Chair

  • Color: Black
  • Cover Material: Cotton and Iron
  • Dimensions(open): 44.8 x 43.15 x 32.28 inches
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • More Features: Bluetooth, LED light, neck, and back rollers

Real Relax is one of the best recliner chairs for back pain on amazon. It is also one of the best recliners with the highest rating under the budget option. With the help of this massaging recliner, you will get complete relaxation for the entire body.

It has 8 massage neck, and back, and 50 airbags at the shoulder, arms, hips, and calves for the best massaging experience. There is also a heating option for the lower back to reduce back pain. This is the best zero-gravity recliner for back pain in a considerable range.

With the remote control, you can customize the speed, and strength, and adjust the recliner according to your requirements. This recliner chair comes with a 3-year warranty with easy assembling features. It is also considered the best big man recliner for back pain as it can accommodate 300 lbs weight.


6. Signature Recliner By Ashley Furniture- Best Ergonomic Recliner for Back Pain

Key features:

  • Signature Recliner By Ashley FurnitureColor: Black
  • Cover Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 35 x 42.5 inches
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • More Features: Emergency battery backup, dual motor control

The signature design is the second-highest-rating recliner chair on amazon. Ashley’s power lift recliner is extremely comfortable and the best in the design recliner chair. This study and stylish recliner chair comes in an affordable range.

Ashley recliner chair gives ultimate comfort to your back with a thick cushion, sturdy metal frame, and faux leather upholstery. Its black upholstery looks like leather but it actually giving a touch feeling of thick poly fiber.

The recliner chair has an inbuilt dual motor to lift and recline the chair with one press touch button that gives you a better comfortable position. This recliner is available in two colors: black and saddle upholstery which enhances your living room decor. It is the best recliner chair for back pain in this price range. It is also the best power lift recliner for households with pets and kids.


7. Christopher Knight Home Recliner Chair

Key features:

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Cover Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 27.25 x 34.25 x 38 inches
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • More Features: Emergency battery backup, dual motor control

Christopher knight is the cheapest and best mid-century recliner with a modern style. This recliner comes in ten different colors that easily match your living room decor. It is a budget-friendly recliner with thousands of positive reviews.

The recliner is made from durable fabric featuring clean lines and smooth finishing. Its slightly tufted back with a wood frame and extra padded cushion increase the comfort level.

This sturdy chair is easy to operate for those times you need to immediately change your latitude. It is also the best living room chair for back pain sufferers under $500.


8. La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner Chair- Best La-Z-Boy Recliner for Back Pain

Key features:

  • Color: Sand
  • Cover Material: fabric
  • Dimensions: 35L x 32W x 40H inches
  • Recliner Chair Weight: 63 pounds
  • More Features: Easy to assemble, full-body and lumbar

The La-Z-Boy is the best recliner chair for lazy people as the name suggests. It is the most popular brand in the market for making high-quality furniture. This Rocker recliner is good for reclining the back for a long time in a day.

The recliner chair is upholstered with natural sand fabric color which also easily suits your room’s appearance. Although this chair lacks any modern features like massaging and other things, it is made in such a way that provides maximum comfort from back pain.

Apart from these, it comes with a plush seat and soft padded armrest. The legrest has a 3-locking position mechanism that allows you to attain a comfortable position at any time. This recliner chair also provides great lumbar support and also enhances your living room interior design. It is one of the best chairs for back pain sufferers.


Things to Consider Before Choosing Recliner for Back Pain

There are some important points that should be considered before selecting a recliner for back pain. These will helps you in making the decision of buying a good recliner for back pain.


The best recliner is made with durable materials such as leather or fabric. The recliners made from leather materials are costly but it is the best material and offers maximum comfort. Whereas Recliners made from vinyl or fabric are easy to afford. Both types of recliners have their advantages as well as disadvantages.


Warranty ensure your money is on a recliner. So it is advisable to choose the best recliner for back pain that comes with a warranty. With the help of a warranty, you will be able to get customer support for repair or for parts changes.


It is an important factor before buying a recliner for back pain. As you choose the recliner for back pain, you should prefer the best one with better quality. The best recliner with all the essential features for back pain will be slightly costly.


Recliners are available in different sizes in the market. You can choose them according to your body type or weight. If the recliner doesn’t match your body type then it might be harmful to your back pain. So it is advisable to look for the weight capacity or size of the recliner.

Other Features:

Many recliners as per their budget range offer many features. Some of them come with massaging features, heating or cup holders, etc. So it is your decision to buy them with more features or not as they come with additional costs.


What is the best recliner for a bad back?
If you are suffering from chronic or acute back pain, then a recliner with good lumbar support is definitely best for you. Recliners are really helpful in lowering back pain as they come with lumbar support, massage, heat, and reclining features.

These types of recliners don’t have space in between like the many chairs. So it will reduce the undue pressure or strain on the joints, ligaments, or muscles of the back. Recliners are helped in attaining a better position for sitting or sleeping during back pain.

Esright massaging recliner is undoubtedly the best recliner for bad back pain. It is the best recliner with many features in the market or online. It will provide complete body and lumbar support during back pain. This chair can recline and swivel up to 360 degrees. Additional features like massage, vibration, and heating mode help in reducing back pain.

Is sitting in a recliner bad for your back?
Back pain is the most common work-related disability in the world. The bad posture and many other reasons are also causing back pain. Continuous sitting on a chair may lead to chronic back pain. So it is important to change the position of the back from straight to recline to relieve back pain.

Sitting on the recliner is good for back pain sufferers as it provides great lumbar support. It also elevates your leg above heart level and improves body circulation. Some of the recliner with the best features offers better lumbar support.

But if the recliner is not good at supporting the back then it may cause lower back pain after a long time of sitting. The lack of good lumbar support can cause tightness in your back muscles which leads to difficulty in sitting.

What type of chair is best for back pain?
Most people spend their office time sitting in a chair. But continuous sitting for long hours leads to many cardiovascular diseases and back pain. Many back problems such as numbness, spinal misalignment, joint pain, neck pain, and herniated disc are mainly caused by bad sitting posture.

If a recliner chair or office chair is of poor quality then it causes more harm than good. So before choosing a chair for back pain or for office work then it should meet the user’s needs. For the best chair or recliner for back pain, you should focus on the following things:

  • Adjustable
  • Easy-rolling
  • Reclining Features
  • Heat and massage
  • Durability
  • Budget
Does a recliner help lower back pain?
Yes, a Recliner help ease lower back pain. A recent study shows that at least 135-degree reclining positions put less stress or pressure on the spinal muscle or joints and reduce the chances of lower back pain. It is also recommended for people always sit in good posture to avoid lower back pain.

Final Verdict

A good recliner can help with many medical conditions such as back pain, blood circulation, pregnancy, elderly, or nursing mothers. Some recliners are specifically made for back problems. They are more comfortable and can be used by anyone for a relaxing experience.

Here there are some of the best recliners for back pain in 2023. You can choose them according to your need to attain a more comfortable position. If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic, you can put your comments in the comment box.


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