Top 10 Best Office Chairs Under $500 in 2020

If you are looking for the best office chair under $500 or ready to spend $500 for buying a good office chair then we will definitely help you. At the $500 level, you may find many office chairs with more quality and features that will make you more comfortable in your work.

The best office chair is good for both health and posture. A good posture is directly related to your health. If posture is nor correct then it may lead to many health complications like back pain, neck pain, poor blood circulation, and many joints-related problems.

As most of your time is spent on office chairs during the working time so it is very crucial to choose the right office chair. There are many excellent options are available in the market such as the best office chair under $300 and many more. But there are many ergonomic features in the $500 range.

Choosing a chair is not an easy task to find the best office chair. So here we help you to provide guidance about the best office chair under 500 dollars. We made the list of best office chairs with maximum adjustability and a more comfortable level. These chairs are made up of the best quality material and come with a guarantee. So just sit relax and choose the best office chair for yourself with this help.

Here is the complete list and reviews about the top 10 best office chairs under $500.

10 Best Office Chair Under $500

1. La-Z-Boy Delano Office chair

La-Z-Boy is known for making the best products and Delano is one of them. The Delano has many fantastic features and an intelligent ergonomic system. It is a more durable and comfortable chair under the $500 range. If you are ready to spend a small amount to buy an office chair then this is the best option for you.La-Z-Boy Delano Office chair

This chair is also one of the best ergonomic chairs under $500 as it comes with many ergonomic features. Various features like luxurious soft leather, thick contoured cushion, and Comfort Core Plus technology, etc make it a great ergonomic office chair.

The large sitting area of the chair comes along with a large weight carrying capacity up to 400 lbs. This is the perfect office chair for big and tall guys under $500.

The seat height and tilt can be adjusted by the ergonomic control system up to your desire level. Its heavy-duty caster wheels make the movement easier in the working area. There is good support to the lumbar and headrest by the layering system and cushion support.

The padded headrest and pillow provide the support to neck and head which reduce the pressure. The wood finishing to the chair makes it a lightweight chair. All these features make it the best office chair under 500 dollars. This chair is ergonomically very effective.

  • 400 lbs weight carrying capacity
  • Adjustable ergonomic settings
  • High back chair good for tall users
  • Comfort core technology with memory foam for comfort and support
  • Padded armrest and headrest
  • Only comes in two colors
  • Armrest is not adjustable

2. Duramount Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Duramount Ergonomic chair is the best ergonomic office chair under 500 range. As it comes with many ergonomic features, it is extremely comfortable and cozy. This office chair has an excellent build quality as per customer expectations.

Duramount Ergonomic Office Chair

There are many adjustable features in the chair. You can easily adjust the height and the angle of the headrest, lumbar support, and armrest. You can also tilt the chair according to your requirement. A breathable mesh in the chair supports you while keeping your back comfortable and cool. This makes you sweat-free for longer periods of time as compared to traditional types of chairs.

If you have any issue with your back during work then this chair is definitely for you. It supports your back with adjustable lumbar support and reclines features. This will allow you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight. So that you can quickly find a comfortable position during work.

The height of the seat can be raised or lowered by the pneumatic control which lets you raise or lower the seat or tilt back the backrest. So this is the best office chair under $500 for you to sit longer working hours. As the chair is made up of the best quality so it is good for heavy and tall users. It can easily accommodate weight up to 330 lbs.

  • Comfortable and durable office chair
  • A good ergonomic office chair
  • Adjustable chair
  • A breathable mesh for a comfortable position
  • 330 lbs weight carrying capacity
  • Caster wheels can not be locked in one position
  • Padding on the armrest is not good

3. Series 1 Office Chair by Steelcase

Steelcase makes its product more durable and comfortable. Series 1 office chair is a decent all-round chair that won’t let you break your bank as compared to the top and expensive products. It is also the best home office chair under 500. This chair is good for both home and office work with mild to moderate sitting.

Series 1 Office Chair by Steelcase

This chair is lightweight and accessible which can be perfect for tight space office or work area. The seat of the chair is adequately comfortable and it has a good amount of padding of the seat. Series 1 office chair has adjustable lumbar support that can easily maintain your lumbar curvature.

With more ergonomic features, it has Live back technology with independent flexors to supports your back curvature. The armrest is soft and curved whereas the headrest supports you during the entire work time.

The 4D armrest is adjustable as it can be moved in and out, forward or backward, up and down which supports the forearm during work. This chair easily accommodates weight up to 300 lbs. Series 1 office chair is great value for money. It is the cheapest and best office chairs below 500.

  • More durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Front to back adjustable armrest
  • Synchro-tilt
  • Back angle adjustment
  • Not good for longer working hours

4. La-Z-Boy Trafford Executive Office Chair

La-Z-Boy Trafford is an executive chair that is specially designed for the big and tall person. It is a fully padded chair that can easily carry weight up to 400 lbs. This best office chair is made up of very durable leather which easily accommodates larger weight.

La-Z-Boy Trafford Executive Office Chair

The Trafford chair comes with Comfort Core memory foam technology that increases the comfort level. This technology is placed throughout the chair and enhances the sitting experience. The foam offers maximum support to the lumbar area at every point. There is also a padded armrest and headrest that make you more comfortable during the work.

This chair also has advanced airflow functionality for the lumbar system. It will prevent overheating by allowing airflow throughout the back area and maintain the temperature of the body. The elevated headrest provides relief to your head and neck.

The waterfall seat edges technology of the chair makes it a more best office chair for sitting long hours. This will increase the circulation and promote the blood flow which decreases fatigue and increase the performance. So overall this is the best office chair under $500.

  • Comfort Core Technology
  • Padded armrest and headrest
  • AIR lumbar technology to support lumbar and back
  • Waterfall seat edges
  • 400 lbs weight capacity of chair
  • Executive style with premium and bonded leather
  • Available only in two colors
  • Armrest is not adjustable

5. SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair

SIDIZ T50 is the most effective chair that helps you in your work. This chair is a great alternative to embody chair. It is the most recommended office chair under $500 that makes you comfortable during long working hours. As it comes with many ergonomic features, this office chair falls near $400 on amazon.

SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair

T50 is a beautiful and good ergonomic chair that ideally supports your spine at every point. With a T50 chair, you can stay comfortable for a long time. Its backrest is designed in such a way that your waist remains in S-shape and weight is equally distributed on the lumbar disk to prevent back pain. The headrest is optionable in the chair for head and neck support.

There are many customization options in this chair. It has 5 steps adjustable tilting function so that you can easily tilt the chair to the desired angle. This chair also has an adaptable seat slide, 2-way lumbar support, and 3-way an armrest that helps you in customization of the chair. Additionally, it has a mesh back that maintain ventilation and cool down your body during work.

This chair is made up of aluminum frames that are highly durable. It has a padded waterfall seat edge which promotes the circulation of the blood into the body and decreases the health problems. Another plus option in this chair has customization of the seat slope and depth. T50 is the best budget office chair that mostly used for home and office.

  • Breathable mesh back
  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • The padded waterfall seat edge
  • Made from a durable aluminum frame
  • Ergonomic S-curve for back support
  • You can pay extra for additional headrest

6. Steelcase Cobi Office Chair

Steelcase Cobi office chair is a small, light desk chair that is specially designed for the conference room and home office use. This chair is the combination of the best material used and the good design which is enough to provide comfort during work. If you really want a non-sense office chair where you can sit comfortably in different positions then this chair might best for you.

Steelcase Cobi Office Chair

Cobi chair allows users to attain different posture by rest their head, arms, back, and even leg on the top of the chair. The edges are flexible which easily takes the pressure off the back, shoulder, and limbs. These help in improving body circulation.

The seat of the chair is enough flexible which encourages the users to move and shift. It is a light-in-weight and medium-height chair that encourages movement of the body and provides maximum comfort during work. This chair also comes with the programmed weight sensor that can easily sense the center of gravity. With this help, it will put the least pressure on your body.

If you really want a chair with maximum adjustment in a small-time then this is the best office chair under $500 for you. It is one of the most iconic office chairs that widely used. This chair can accommodate weight easily up to 300 lbs and with no loss of performance.

  • Lightweight chair
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Flexible back design
  • Flexible seat design
  • Programmed weight sensor that senses the center of gravity
  • Not good for the tall and heavy user

7. DX Racer Iron Series Gaming Chair

DX Racer is known for its best gaming chair and the Racer Iron series is best for both office and gaming use. This chair is the most accessible and affordable price range under $500. It has a beautiful and elegant design that is made up of perforated vinyl and leather style vinyl on the exterior side. The Iron series is also the best office chair under $500 2020.

DX Racer Iron Series Gaming Chair

This Iron series gaming chair can be used for multipurpose work. The chair is manufactured under strict quality standards to meet the demand of the customers. It is originally designed to heighten the gaming experience but it becomes the popular choice seat for working and relaxing.

The height of the backrest is elevated which gives complete comfort to your headrest, neck, and lumbar area. This chair is specially designed for gamers but it can also accommodate the office work. The elevated backrest supports the entire spinal column from the pelvis to the neck.

The height and angle of the seat can be adjusted to the desired angle with the help of a gas spring. The 5-point metal base with spring adjusts the seat position that helps you to work better to meet the needs of your office or computer desk. This chair is slightly expensive as its price falls nearby $500. Overall it is a great gaming/office chair under $500.

  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Use for multipurpose work
  • Strong aluminum base
  • PU caster wheels
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 2-years warranty on parts
  • The strong hydraulic lift mechanism
  • The size of the armrest can cause trouble for some people.

8. HON Ignition Series Mid Back Office Chair

HON Ignition series chairs are more durable, stylish and the best selling chairs for office work. This chair falls under the best executive office chair under the $500 category. If you want to work for a longer hour then you can buy this right office chair for desk work.

HON Ignition Series MId Back Office Chair

This chair can easily adjust to your natural curvature of the spine and maintain it in a healthy position. The chair’s back seat is made up of breathable mesh and the double layer with sandwich mesh cushion gives you an ultra comfort. It maintains the temperature of the body and calms down you during the work so that you can concentrate on your work.

If you want to adjust seat positions according to your work then this allows you to work in different positions. The height of the seat can be easily customized and you can easily recline the chair to any angle to the position that will suit you. The height of the back is also adjusted so that you can work in any comfortable position. This chair gives complete support to the entire back.

There is the 3-way adjustable armrest in the chair. You can easily adjust the height and width of the armrest up and down and towards and away to the desired position. In this way, it can give a break to your neck and back muscles from extra pressure.

As the chair is swivel into different directions, it can easily collaborate with your work or for a break in between the work. It is the best high back office chair and it can work for you under the $500 category.

  • Executive chair with a breathable mesh back
  • Backrest height adjustment up to 6 level
  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Durable high back chair
  • No headrest

9. Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair

Herman Miller is the top of the office chair rank when it comes to quality products. They always manufactured the best and innovative products and the Sayl chair is one of them. You can get this amazing office chair to fulfill your needs during office work. It is the most iconic office chair under 500 made by Herman Miller.

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair

Sayl task chair comes with the sleekest design that maintains the natural spine S-shape back curve. Also, this chair provides additional lumbar support and it is one of the best features of this chair. Its 3D intelligent back design creates a healthy balance between support and the movement.

Its 3D backrest is rubberized and mostly people love this design. It has suspension bridge technology which equally distributes the weight on the whole of the chair. This chair allows you to move freely during sitting without losing support. The armrest is quite comfortable as like the chair.

As the chair is made up of high-quality products, it does not have any PVC. So it is best for people who want environmentally friendly products. Due to these features, it is widely used by many celebrities in studios and in upscale offices.

If you really want the best ergonomic office chair then this office chair is best for you. It slightly costly than other types of office chairs but still it is a more popular office chair. This chair offers a 12-years of warranty with 30 days return policy. Sayl task chair is also categorized as the best office chair in 2020.

  • An adjustable and comfortable chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adapt to the natural curve of the spine
  • 3D backrest
  • 12 years of warranty
  • Ecofriendly chair
  • Relatively low seatback
  • Slightly costly

10. OneSpace Taft Mesh Back Executive Office Chair

As the name of the chair suggests, the OneSpace Taft Oversized Executive chair is best for the tall and heavy people. It is specially designed to support and working comfort for heavyweight users.  This chair easily available between the $400 to $500 price range. You can easily purchase this chair under the $500 category.

OneSpace Executive Office Chair

The Taft chair can easily accommodate 500 lbs of weight easily. This chair has an extra padded pocket coil cushioning with a tripled layer of foam that can support the back. The pocket coil technology provides maximum comfort and supports heavier weight than traditional cushioning.

This tripled layer foam is 4 inches wide to support the buttocks. It will help in improve the blood circulation through the leg and maintain the proper posture during work. The lumbar support is also adjustable to any type of body weight.

The armrest is thickly padded, adjustable, and multi flipped. It can be moved up and down to make an easier entry or exit for sitting. The back of the chair is made up of breathable mesh which makes you more comfortable during work.

The height of the chair is adjustable by using a pneumatic lift mechanism. This chair comes with a butterfly mechanism that allows you to change the angle of the upper chair. As this chair can withstand up to 500 lbs weight easily and extend over easily 30.5 inches in width, it is the best office chair for big and tall users under $500.

  • Easily accommodate 500 lbs weight
  • Butterfly mechanism to change the angle of the chair
  • Padded armrest
  • Pocket coil mechanism for extra cushioning
  • Triple-layered foam use in seat
  • Breathable mesh back
  • No headrest support

Best Ways to Choose Office Chairs Under $500- A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Someone says ” Good posture is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle”. Good posture shows a direct link to health and a healthy lifestyle make us free of illness.

Before buying an office chair, there are many factors where you need to have a look. The $500 is not a small amount for anyone and the investment in the right office chair makes your decision right to buy an office chair. In other words, you should be more focused on choosing an office chair depending on your needs.

The above-mentioned list of an office chair is the best office chair under $500 in our top picks. You can choose the office chair according to your budget. But before choosing an office chair, you should consider the following things.

1. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic features are the most important factor in an office chair and you should be looking for this before buying the office chair. Chairs with more ergonomic features directly benefit your health which affects your performance level. These types of chairs are also best for back pain. Maintaining posture in proper alignment is the best feature of the ergonomic chairs.

2. Adjustability

Many office chairs come with adjustability features. Some of them offer more adjustability whereas some are less adjustable. If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain then you may need an office chair with large adjustability. Lumbar support, headrest support, 4D armrest, or proper seat cushioning is the most important adjustability factors.

3. Comfort

Comfort is the main important thing to consider before buying an office chair. The comfortable is also ergonomically effective. These chairs have foam padding, memory foam, etc. The best office chair has many comfortable features such as lumbar support, arm comfort, or seat comfort.

4. Build Quality

Most of the users may compromise with the quality for buy a cheap office chair. But we made this list where you can find the best quality office chair under $500. In today’s time, most of the manufactures made an office chair with superior quality than the traditional ones. The latest designed office chairs are also good for the tall and heavyweight person.


Here this is the list of most recommended office chairs under $500. These chairs are ergonomically effective as like the expensive office chairs. You can experience sitting comfortably with multipurpose features like support to the head, neck, and back with the right posture.

We hope this article about the best office chair under $500 will helps you. If you have any questions regarding this, you can put your comments in the comment box.


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