10 Best Office Chair Under $300 In 2023-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Continuous sitting in one posture can lead to multiple health complications such as back pain, neck pain, or any discomfort. If you can sit on a chair that is not good for long sitting work time then it may cause serious health issues. Uncomfortable sitting can cause stress on your body and mind which directly affects your work.

A good office chair not only supports your body but also lowered pressure on various joints of the body. You can easily enjoy your work even continuously sitting during work time. Investing your money in a good office chair is an investment in your health.

There are lots of office chairs selling in the market under many price ranges but choosing the right one may be a difficult task. Some chairs look great but they are actually made up of cheap materials. So sitting on uncomfortable office chairs may cause various health complications. So always select the best office chair for under 300 dollars which is best and good for your health and work.

Here we review dozens of office chairs in the $300 price range. After reviewing them, we made a complete list of the 10 best office chairs under $300 which is not only under your budget but also good for your health.

10 Best Office Chairs Under $300-Top picks

1. Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer ChairSadie Big and Tall Computer chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs under $300 that supports your body during work time. It is designed in such a way that it can easily accommodate tall and heavy users up to 400 pounds in weight. So it is best for a larger person too. The easy customization of this chair makes it best for your office work.

The lumbar support can be easily customized according to your back. Extra lower back support is provided by the chair when needs it. Breathable mesh fabric is given in the chair for comfortable sitting and reduces the pressure on the joints. So this chair is also cooled down during playing games. Its best quality cushion fabric seat is best for comfort for a long time.

This chair also has five-point smooth-rolling caster wheels that smoothly roll over the surface. If someone wants to move during work, the caster wheels will help you. These casters are more durable and smooth even during heavy use. All these features make it one of the best-in-class products.

Another best part of this product is the adjustable armrest. No matter if you are taller or shorter, this will definitely comfortable for you during work. This great office chair is more durable and long-lasting and never disappoints you.

  • Ergonomic features
  • Breathable mesh
  • Can bear weight up to 400 pounds
  • Extra lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Take more time during setup

2. Hon Wave Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Hon Wave big and tall executive and the most comfortable office chair specially designed for heavy and tall users. It can easily accommodate 450 pounds of weight. It is the best office chair under 300 which holds 450 pounds of weight.

This high-grade office chair has many addHon Wave Big and Tall Executive Office Chairitional features such as lumbar support, height adjustment, tilt, and reclining making it fit for a longer duration of work. You can easily customize the lumbar support according to your needs. Pneumatic control is given for the seat adjustment according to height.

A breathable mesh is given for comfortable long hours of sitting even during hot days. This chair has a great mesh design that provides you with the best-in-class comfort and coziness. It has a mesh seat cushion with two layers of padding that allows maximum passage of air even during a long period of time.

Furthermore, it also has good neck support. The height and the width of the armrest can be adjusted during work. So that it doesn’t put extra stress on your body. Hon Wave is a sturdy and reliable high-back office chair to sit for longer periods of time.

There are five rolling durable caster wheels that are given in the chair that smoothly rolls over the surface. This chair can be easily swiveled in a 360-degree direction. This feature of the chair will helps during multitasking functions. So this high-end ergonomic office chair is also one of the best mesh office chairs under 300.

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Double mesh layer
  • More durable
  • High weight capacity
  • High back chair
  • Heavy
  • No headrest support

3. SPACE Seating Breathable Manager Office Chair

SPACE Seating Breathable Manager Office ChairThe Space Seating chair comes with a beautiful and sleek design that is a more durable and comfortable chair. With an incredible weight capacity, it can hold weight up to 400 pounds. So this chair is the best ergonomic office chair under 300.

The 400-pound weight capacity makes this chair fit for all tall and heavy users. A breathable mesh lumbar support provides a cool environment so that you can feel relaxed during work. Adjustable lumbar support and an adaptable armrest make this chair worth buying for under 300 dollars.

If you have any issues regarding your low back pain then this chair is definitely for you. Best back support reduces back pain and makes you more comfortable even during 8-9 working hours. The thick padded seat provides a cushion during sitting.

The built quality of this office chair makes it a good choice in the $300 price range. Its armrest is covered with padding and can be adjusted in two directions. There are five caster wheels that move the chair in any direction.

This is a slightly expensive office chair right under your budget- below $300. Although this chair is quite taller in height if you feel difficulty sitting then replace the caster wheels and make this chair shorter to sit on it. This feature makes it the best office chair for a short heavy person.

  • Good lumbar support
  • Best ergonomic office chair
  • More comfortable
  • Best for back pain
  • Green Guard indoor air quality certified
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easy to assemble
  • High seated chair

4. Gabrylly Ergonomics Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly Ergonomics Mesh Office ChairGabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is the best promising office under $300 that recommend for good back and neck support. The full backrest of the chair provides complete comfort during work. So this executive office chair is an excellent pick-up about quality and money.

This chair has many ergonomic features that help in keeping the perfect alignment of the head and neck. There are 4 supporting points for the head, neck, hips, and hand in the chair which can be easily adjusted. The chair can easily accommodate different body built and weigh up to 280 lbs.

The breathable mesh design and comfort of this office chair keep you cool and calm during hot days for longer work hours. There is high-quality mesh is used in the chair which is resistant to transformation and abrasion. This is also the best mesh office chair under 300 dollars price range.

This ergonomic mesh office chair can be easily customized according to your needs. There is an adjustable seat in the chair which can be adjusted by pneumatic control. The PU caster wheels of the chair are of high quality and protect your wooden floor from scratches. The chair easily swivels in a 360-degree direction.

Due to its features, this chair is the best office chair under $300 in the best budget range- an affordable range.

  • Breathable Mesh
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • Dual wheels caster
  • Foldable and rotating armrest
  • Modern design
  • Weight capacity is up to 280 lbs.

5. HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office Chair

HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office ChairHon Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office chair is made by the HON company which is the leading brand in the manufacturing of furniture in the U.S. This company makes quality office furniture and Hon Ignition 2.0 is one of them. This chair has many ergonomic features which makes it the best office chair for $300.

There are a lot of features in this chair but some additional features such as ease to assemble, comfort and support make it more reliable than other chairs. The Ignition 2.0 looks simple in design like others. This chair comes with or without lumbar support. Its lumbar support can be adjusted with a simple plastic mechanism.

The back of the chair is adjustable and can accommodate a variety of heights. There is the Ilira stretch mesh that has unique 4-way stretch properties. This makes mesh more comfortable than other types of mesh in the chair. The seat cushion of the Ignition 2.0 has a gliding mechanism that allows forward and backward movement of the chair before locking it.

There are adjustable lumbar support and armrest in the chair. It also has an advanced synchro-tilt mechanism that allows complete control of the chair position and reclining angle. This is a more expensive office chair as compared to others. But due to its additional features, it is the best value for your money. It can easily fit you for under $300.

  • Good quality Ilira stretch mesh back
  • Synchro-tilt
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Seat glide mechanism
  • The durable high-back chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable lumbar and armrest support
  • The price of the chair differs from lumbar support as compared to non-lumbar support.

6. Serta Executive Office Chair

Serta Executive Office ChairSerta is the oldest and the top leader brand in the world in the making of comfort products. The traditional office chairs made by Serta are of high quality and comfortable like modern-day office chairs. Some of them are the best office chairs under $300 and are very popular and Serta Executive Chair is one of them.

This chair has all features that you will find in a traditional chair under the $300 category. There is complete leather at the backrest, cushioned headrest, and armrest giving a perfect appearance of the office chair. It can easily hold weight up to 350 lbs. So if you like the traditional chair, then this is the best traditional office chair for under $300 for you.

The body of this chair is designed in such a way that it gives you a comfortable feeling throughout the working day. Its ergonomically designed cushion from the back gives support to the lumbar and the headrest. This chair also has a fantastic lock and inclination mechanism. You can easily lock this chair at any angle because it has an infinite lock mechanism.

There is also an adjustable lumbar support mechanism. You can customized lumbar support with a lumbar adjustment knob. The waterfall seat edge reduces the pressure on the leg and improves circulation.  Its heavy-duty caster wheels offer smooth mobility and a scuff-resistant footpad protects the wood floor from scratching.

So this is the best and most promising office chair under $300 on our list. It is also the best ergonomic office chair for under 300 dollars for your home office.

  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Pillow headrest
  • Lumbar Adjustment knob
  • Infinite lock mechanism
  • Comfortable
  • Armrest is not adjustable
  • Breathable mesh not in the back support

7. DXRacer Racing Series Office Gaming Chair

DXRacer Racing Series Office Gaming ChairMost people love games in their free time and if you are such a person who loves gaming then this chair might be best for you. This is the best gaming office chair for under $300 which is also useful in your office work. It gives you the best gaming experience along with your work and relaxation in the office.

The ergonomic design of the chair is more comfortable and more efficient. This gaming office chair has a fantastic breathing mechanism with a strong mesh cover. If you are working continuously then this mesh cover will keep your body cool and prevents sweat during work.

The extra-high back of the chair supports your entire spine which is the best part of the chair. There are separate headrests and lumbar cushions for complete support to the head, neck, and lumbar region. Its 3D armrest is amazing and adjustable which protects and supports your shoulder and wrist during gaming.

It also has a gas spring which helps in seat adjustment during work or gaming. If you are getting tired during work or gaming then you can recline this chair for a power nap. The 5 points caster wheels move the chair easily on the floor.

This gaming executive office chair comes with the latest design chair which improves your gaming or working experience. It is another best possible office chairs for the best gaming experience. Overall this is the best gaming chair for under 300 dollars and also the best chair for your home office.

  • Comfortable design
  • Breathable mesh cover
  • Adjustable 3D armrest
  • Extra higher backrest for lumbar support
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Not suitable for longer working hours
  • Armrest length is smaller

8. Boss Office Product Heavy Duty Office Chair

Boss Office Product Heavy Duty Office ChairIt is the perfect office chair for those who are overweight or big people. With the perfect look, aesthetic design, and build quality of this office chair, it completely satisfies you during work. Unlike other chairs, it is made from shining and supple bonded leather. This gives a premium look to the office chair in the $300 price range.

This office chair got a heavy-duty spring that tilts it to the desired angle for the back support. Beneath the seat, a pneumatic gas lift mechanism is given for the height adjustment of the chair. The inbuilt of this office chair is a very strong and best-in-class fabric. It can easily accommodate a weight of up to 350 lbs.

Its lumbar support mechanism also comes with a locking adjustment that allows you to align the chair to the preferred angle. The seat cushions consist of deep layers that ensure comfortable sitting throughout the day. The chair has a curved armrest for extra support to the forearm, wrist, and hand.

The chair has 5 dual caster wheels at the base that glide smoothly over the floor. This chair can be easily swiveled 360 degrees which help in multitasking functioning.

In our review, this chair would be considered the best office chair for back and hip pain.

  • Perfect for big and heavy person
  • Curved armrest
  • The pneumatic gas seat lift mechanism
  • Double plush leather
  • Doesn’t have breathable mesh

9. Flash Furniture Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Flash Furniture Big and Tall Executive Office ChairFlash Furniture Big and Tall Executive Office Chair are perfect for the heavyweight and tall person. It can easily accommodate a weight of up to 500 lbs. So it is the most recommended office chair for a heavy person under the $300 range. This chair offers a broader seat and back width for maximum comfort.

There is high back support for the entire spine, especially the lumbar region. It relieves the tension in the lower back and thus prevents strain. When you lean back, the headrest will take the pressure off your neck and makes you more comfortable. The seat of the chair has thick padded waterfall front seat edges that remove the pressure on the legs and improves circulation.

This office chair has plenty of thick, plush padding of mesh along with the chair for comfortable sitting. The armrest is also padded so that you are comfortable with your desk. All these features make this office chair more comfortable and convenient which improves your working experience. The seat height is controlled by the pneumatic lever.

There is a tilt lock mechanism in the chair which offers a comfortable lock/reclining position. It has 5-point caster wheels that easily move on the floor. This chair is swiveled in a 360-degree direction to get the maximum use of your workspace without any strain. Overall this office chair is upgraded to a new level of comfort. It is a more durable and elegant office chair for under 300 dollars.

  • Best for heavyweight person
  • Easily accommodate 500lbs weight
  • Waterfall seat cushion
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Additional padded armrest
  • Heavy-duty chrome base
  • Makes little noise during movement

10. Duramount Reclining Leather Office Chair

Duramount Reclining Leather Office ChairIf you are looking for the best reclining office chair under $300 then the Duramount Reclining office chair is best for you. This chair doesn’t disappoint you during your work. It is highly adjustable, has great lumbar support, and is comfortable at every reclining angle. This office chair is also the best recliner chair for back pain.

Duramount Reclining chair is easy to operate and has various features that make it a luxurious chair. This office chair has a high back seat which gives maximum support to your back and neck. The chair also has soft padding on the seat and waterfall seat edges that reduce the pressure on your leg and improves circulation so that you can sit comfortably for a long time.

There is the inbuilt lumbar support with the controlled lumbar knob which allows you to increase and decrease pressure on your back. The chair has a secure locking system that locks your chair at the desired angle. It is made up of top-quality material which gives it a unique and elegant look. The bonded leather in the office chair makes it more durable and comfortable at its best.

This office chair has a heavy-duty metal base and nylon casters that easily move on the floor. Apart from its features and built quality, Duramount also gives better customer service. All these features make it the best office chair under $300 or comes just under the $300 price range.

  • Best reclining chair
  • Has soft PU leather
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Compact design
  • More durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Armrest is fixed
  • Accommodate weight up to 250lbs

Features to Consider Before Shopping for an Under $300 Office Chair

  • Build Quality

Build quality is the first and foremost thing that you should never ignore before buying an office chair. A good office chair is made of the best quality material that is more durable and comfortable. You can easily enjoy your work while sitting on a chair. Sometimes you may not find top-rated best quality office chairs under the $300 range.

  • Comfort

All office chairs under the $300 price range are not as comfortable as expensive ones. But there are many office chairs in this range that have plenty of good features which make them more comfortable. They are updated to the best possible commercial grade.  Before purchasing the right office chair, you can consider these features like breathable mesh, lumbar support, head and neck support, armrest support, etc. so that it can make the best possible sitting for a long time.

  • Adjustable settings

The best office chair under $300 offers a less adjustable setting like an expensive one. Have a look at these chairs which offer maximum adjustable settings so that you may never compromise on your comfort. The major settings in the chair are seat height, reclining, tilt tension, and locking system. These settings can be adjusted to the customer’s preferences.


What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?
Hon Wave big and tall executive chair is the best office chair for sitting for long hours. A high-grade office chair with excellent lumbar support and breathable mesh even during hot days gives you more comfort and coziness during sitting. It is also best for a heavyweight person as it can easily hold weight up to 450 pounds.
What is the best affordable office chair?
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office chair is the most affordable chair for quality and money. Its full backrest provides complete comfort during work. There are 4 supporting points for head, neck, hips, and hand support. It is also the best office chair for under 300 dollars.
What is the best chair for a home office?
Serta Executive office chair is the most profitable chair for the home office under the $300 category. It is also the best traditional office chair that gives you maximum comfort during work. Its ergonomically designed cushion backrest and headrest provide support to the entire back. The waterfall seat edge reduces the pressure on the legs and thus improves circulation.
What are the most comfortable office chairs?
Duramount leather reclining office chairs, Boss office heavy-duty chairs, and Serta executive office chairs are the most comfortable office chairs. Soft padding, waterfall edge seat, and secure locking mechanism makes these chair more comfortable for work.

Final Words……..

There are also many factors where you might be looking for the best office chair for under $300. The office chair is an area where you spend the maximum of your work time. Uncomfortable sitting leads to many health issues like back pain, neck pain, etc. So choose an office chair according to your personal preference.

Here is the list of recommended best office chairs under $300 where you can easily find the details of the best office chairs. All these chairs have maximum features so that you may not compromise with comfort during work. These chairs are highly capable and provide a great sitting experience.

If you have questions or queries regarding this article, you can freely comment in the comment box.


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