Top 8 Best Office Chairs Under $200 in 2023

A comfortable chair is the most important part of your regular office work. You spend probably 9-10 hours sitting on a chair a day for work. If you sit on a regular chair too long then it will cause many health-related complications to you. You have to face problems like back pain, neck pain, and other critical problems.

A good-quality office chair gives the right support to your neck and back. It gives you amazing support for a long time with a headrest and adjustable height. So you can easily spend time at your work.

There are many office chairs available in different ranges. But you can choose them according to your preference. They may be available in a such range as best office chairs under 200 dollars, 300 dollars, or sometimes best office chairs under 500 dollars and many more.

Here we compiled a list of the best office chairs under $200 that make your working hours more productive, give a great level of comfort and prevent unwanted body pain.

Top 8 Best Office Chairs Under $200 in 2023

1. AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Chair

AmazonBasics is the best office chair under 200 which more reliable, comfortable office chair. It is best for a big and tall person. This office chair is considered one of the best office chairs by many customers.

The leather is being used in making the seat and backrest to give a more comfortable position. The deep padding on the seat cushion ensures consistent comfortable sitting for long hours. Its curve armrest supports your wrists, hand, and arms in the proper position.

The height of the seat can be adjusted with the pneumatic control whereas the height of the armrest is fixed. The height of the seat can be adjusted by lowering or pulling up the handle according to the need.

The headrest and high backrest will provide immense support to your back and the head while leaning on your back. The angle of the chair can be adjusted by a tilt mechanism. There is a feature given in the chair the lock to reclining the chair.

Its rolling casters make this chair easier to move on the floor surface, especially during the multi-task function. This chair has the ability to swivel for a full 360 degrees. All these features make this chair great for office use. So overall this chair is the best office chair under $200.

  • Affordable and reliable chair
  • High backrest
  • Soft padded armrest
  • Dual multi-surface casters
  • Swivel in 360 degree
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Leather is not genuine

2. Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

Serta company is best known for its mattress. But they recently make office chairs which are more comfortable and have a low cost. If you are struggling to find the best office chair then this office chair will meet your demands. Serta Big and tall executive chairs are good for people who are tall and heavyweight.

The company makes this chair in a traditional design with a more elegant look. The chair also easily blends with most home and office decor schemes. The topmost layer of padding is made up of poly fiber and beneath this layer is made up of memory foam. Memory foam is supported by the layer “Macro layer”.

The smart layer system made this office chair more comfortable and easily support by the back and armrest. It gives exceptional lumbar support and a waterfall-style seat improves blood circulation to the legs. This office chair also has well-implemented head and neck support.

The seat height of the chair can be easily customized according to your need with a pneumatic control mechanism. It has five roller casters that let you smoothly move around the space during the multitask function. This sturdy and reliable office chair can swivel around 360 degrees easily. Serta executive chair is best for both homes as well as office work under the $200 budget category.

There is a dedicated tilt lock mechanism in the chair. This mechanism helps you to provide the preferred inclination whenever you feel like stretching out a bit. Overall this chair is considered to be the best high-back chair for under 200 dollars. It is the best adjustable office chair and the best value for your money.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid and stable with the weight
  • Good lumbar support
  • Ergonomic layers make it more cushiony
  • Dual wheel with high mobility
  • Low to ground
  • Little trouble with hydraulics

3. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

This chair is also good for gamers and is considered one of the best gaming chairs under $200. It gives you the feeling like you’re sitting in a fast race car seat with perfectly cushioned support to your body. This best high back office chair under 200 provides plenty of space for tall users.

The seat and the backrest of the chair are made up of elastic, high-quality PU leather. There is also a footrest padding design. Users can love this chair due to the adjustable footrest which can be tucked under the chair when not in use. The ergonomic design of the chair By Homall is best for lumbar support and neck support.

Apart from a comfortable seat, there is a gas spring cylinder which is given for seat adjustment at a desirable angle. It also has an adjustable armrest that offers you a high level of comfort during sitting. The high back of the chair provides plenty of space for tall users. This chair can accommodate up to 300 lbs of weight easily.

This chair can also rock back and forth or lock at any reclined angle anywhere between upright to 180 degrees during nap or reading. The chair is mounted on five smooth-rolling color PU caster wheels. These rolling casters roll quietly without making any scratching on the floor. It is the best affordable chair for gamers.

The 360-degree swivel mechanism in this chair provides you with the ultimate level of freedom of movement. You can move this chair at any angle during the multitask function. Due to its reclining position at any angle, this chair is also the best ergonomic office chair under 200.

  • Excellent support to back and neck
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Fully recline
  • Well-cushioned PU leather
  • Adjustable footrest
  • High weight capacity
  • The footrest can sag or short for tall users

4. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner chair is one of the best recliner chairs under $200 that can provide you excellent comfort even after 8 hours of sitting. It is one of the best office chairs under $200 with excellent lumbar support mechanisms. The headrest and back are designed in such a way that it matches the countered of the body.

The height and angle of the headrest are adjustable at any angle. It can easily pivot 30 degrees left and right to support your head. This ergonomic black mesh chair structure allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through without any difficulty.

The 8cm thick cushion releases the pressure on your body in a comfortable position. Its headrest is detachable and made of the same back mesh. The seat cushion is made up of the best quality foam and fabric. This best office chair for back pain under 200 gives you the best class of comfort and coziness.

This high-end office chair is designed in such a way as to provide full-day comfort with an upholstered back, height-adjustable seat, armrest, and pullout footrest. It has a kinematic tilt mechanism that allows the chair to adapt to your movement. You can easily recline this chair between 90 to 150 degrees with the lock option.

In the end,  this office chair is the best high-back office chair under 200 if you want to work for a longer duration. It will provide the best level of comfort at the best possible price range.

  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Best quality of padding of back and neck support
  • Good design
  • Not suit to everyone
  • The plastic use in design

5. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chair

If you are looking for a budget, simple or comfortable chair then a space seating chair is good for you. This chair is also good for those people who want to work from home. SPACE Seating is a durable chair and one of the easier models to assemble. It is also the best ergonomic office chair under the 200 price range.

This office chair isn’t perfect for tall or big people but it can hold medium-sized or average people with 250 pounds weight. The seat is neither deep or not too wide nor good for average-sized people. Its seat is made up of eco-leather with a mesh side which is good for breathing and comfortable.

The base of the office chair is sturdy and the wheels provide great mobility to the chair. The nylon base has big wheel casters that facilitate good movements. One good thing about this office chair is that you can make changes easily in its tilt or height mechanism.

This office chair has enough ergonomic back support that provides during working hours. The seat requires a minimum amount of maintenance as the quality of the seat is high. SPACE seating office chair is best for home office work which makes it the best home office chair under $200.

  • Big wheel casters
  • A pneumatic height control system
  • Modern and good-looking design
  • Leather seat with mesh side for comfortable positions
  • The arm can be adjusted and padded with PU leather
  • The chair needs to be assembled
  • Not suit to everyone need

6. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is a more comfortable chair with excellent features under $200 that are available on amazon. It comes with a modern design, several ergonomic features, and multiple colors. Modway Articulate Ergonomic office chair is the best option for those office workers who want to update their furniture.

When you sit on this chair, a padded mesh cushion seat gives you immense comfort during your working time. A breathable mesh back allows airflow for comfortable sitting even during hot days. The padded cushion fabric is 6 inches thick which provides a high amount of cushion.

The backrest and the armrest, both are adjustable. The backrest can be easily adjusted to 5 inches between 27.5 inches to 32 inches. This chair is sturdy and supportive which is perfect for everyday use. It can easily accommodate body weights up to 331 lbs.

The Modway Articulate ergonomic chair has a 360-degree swivel mechanism with five caster wheels. You can easily move the chair in any direction during multitasking functioning. If you want to take a nap, then you can recline the backrest with the tilt mechanism. The backrest can be locked along with a tilt mechanism for a relaxed and comfortable position.

This chair is also the best ergonomic office chair for under $200 which is worth buying. All these features make this chair a great ergonomic chair in a budget range.

  • Made from breathable mesh seat
  • Seat made from thick foam cushion
  • Adjustable backrest and armrest
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Have ergonomic settings
  • Not suited for big and tall individuals
  • Mid-back design doesn’t support your head and neck

7. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair:

An ergonomic chair is good for both our body’s comfort and maintaining the proper posture of the body. This office chair under $200 is a good ergonomic chair. It is a great combination of working utility, affordable luxury, and ergonomic support.

The backrest is the main element of any chair that provides maximum comfort. In this chair. the backrest has a tall and adjustable back pillow with black mesh for breathability. An additional headrest is given for extra support and comfort. The user can recline or tilt this chair from a 90-degree angle to 120-degree to get comfortable support.

Sihoo ergonomic office chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs under 200. This office chair is made in such a way that the ridge of the chair is similar to the human spine. Fitting these two close together helps in the release of spinal pressure. The headrest is also adjustable with a 45-degree tilt and curved design. Users can be customized headrests according to their needs.

It also comes with an adjustable armrest which is made up of nylon material with a delicate touch. This office chair has a gas lift to adjust the headrest and armrest. The seat is W-shaped which disperses the hip pressure and is made up of elastic-style cotton for long sitting.

The office chair’s legs are made up of aluminum alloy material. There are 5 caster wheels which cover by the PU edges. They can easily roll smoothly on the surface without damaging the surfaces. Overall above-mentioned features it the best desk chair under 200 dollars and the best office chair for lower back and hip pain.

  • Ergonomic backrest and headrest
  • W-shape of the seat
  • Wide range of motion of the seat
  • Waist pillow for the support
  • Breathable mesh used in the chair
  • Lumbar support is not for everyone
  • Some height issues

8. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair:

Flash Funiture Mid-Back chair is one of the budget-friendly office chairs under $200. It allows greater movement of the head and neck. This chair looks like a decent office chair that satisfies your basic needs.

The Flash Furniture office chair comes with a unique mesh back design that includes built-in lumbar support for your back. It also supports your mid and upper back region. A well-meshed back is given in the chair that maintains enough passage for easy airflow. This will prevent you from getting hot during sitting hours.

There is a soft leather padded seat with a waterfall design. It will remove pressure from your leg and improve blood circulation. The armrests are also padded and have a flip-up function feature to use either desk chair with or without arms. It is also an adjustable office chair for computer use.

This office chair has both lumbar support and a tilt lock mechanism that helps you out with adjustment and inclination. It also has a five-leg design with dual casters wheel which allows greater movement on the surface.  The chair has the feature of a 360-degree swivel movement that helps during multitasking functions.

Flash Furniture is another option for the best office chair for back pain under 200 with more features. It is a very reliable and stylish office chair with budget options. This is also the best office chair for sitting for long hours.

  • Breathable mesh
  • Flip-up arms feature
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Easy to assemble
  • No headrest
  • Low weight capacity

Factors consider before buying an office chair

1. Weight Capacity

Before buying a good office chair, the weight capacity of the machine should be considered. Not all office chairs are suited to everyone. Some chairs easily accommodate tall and heavy people whereas others do not.

The most common weight capacity that a good chair is 250 lbs. There are the many best office chair under $200 that can provide a weight capacity is more than 250 lbs. So you can choose the office chair according to your need through this article.

2. Base

Most people ignore the basic support of the office chair. They just go through the seating capacity, adjustable features, etc. of the chair. Ideally, an office chair with a good base comes with caster wheels that allow free movement during work time. The base should be swivel easily. It should be rotated 360 degrees freely.

3. Adjustable features

Most inexpensive chairs have few features of adjustability according to different body types. There are many best office chairs under $200 that have maximum adjustable features. Seat and height adjustability plays an important role in determining the best office chair. If you want to reduce back pain during work hours then you should choose an office chair with more adjustment.

4. Built Quality

The most important thing to consider about an office chair is its built quality. Under $200, there are few office chairs that have a superior built quality which is perfect for a longer duration of working hours. But in low-quality office chairs, you may face many issues like cleaning, assembling, fitting, and finishing. Sometimes it is not fit for your needs.


What is the best office chair for money?
If you are searching best office chair for money then Sihoo ergonomic chair is good for that. It maintains the proper posture of the body by putting it in alignment. This can easily reduce unnecessary pressure on joints, ligaments, and muscles. The user can recline this chair to the desired angle. It is also the best office chair for back and hip pain.
What is the best office chair for back pain?
Flash Furniture Mid Back office chair is best for back pain. It is a budget-friendly office chair that comes with a built-in lumbar support mechanism. The meshed back maintains the airflow whereas the padded armrest provides support to the arms. The soft padded leather with a waterfall design removes the pressure from the legs and thus improves circulation.

Final Words…

Here we make the list of the 8 best office chairs under $200 in 2023 that are good for your daily job. Before selecting this list of office chairs, we reviewed all aspects of an office chair. So it will save lots of your precious time before selecting an office chair.

Most of your office time spend on your chair during working. So choose an office chair according to your comfort that does not produce back pain, neck pain, or any discomfort. Investing in a good chair will definitely benefit you.

In this article, we tried to provide complete guidelines about office chairs. You can choose the office chair according to your needs. I hope this article will help in selecting the best one. If you have any queries regarding this article, you can comment in the comment box.


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