10 Tips To Improve Your Workstation

It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or office, an unorganized workstation is the biggest culprit of you not meeting the deadlines or being unproductive at work. The problem with an unorganized or messy desk setup is that it creates a visual clutter that distracts you from focusing on your work, which eventually affects the workflow.

However, it’s not just the cleanliness that affects your productivity, if the workstation is not designed ergonomically then no matter how you keep it, due to bad sitting posture you will be easily tired and can even incur office injuries.

However, by following some tips and taking some precautions you can improve your workstation and be more productive at work. Here are some tips that you can follow and feel the change by yourself.

Tips To Improve Your Workstation

1. Set Up Your Workstation In A Bright Room

Light plays an important role in setting up your mood for the work! If you sit in a poorly lit place you will never get the motivation to work and it’s not either good for your eyes. Therefore it is important that you set up your desk in a well illuminated place where you feel motivated to work.

It will be even better if you could sit in a place where you get natural lights. As the sunlight will not just keep the room well lit but also provide you the energy required to work for a longer time. However, a combination of both natural and artificial lighting is equally good for a better workplace.

2. Use Height Adjustable Desk

For the best ergonomic workstation setup, you can consider going with a height-adjustable desks tabletop that has an ample amount of space for all your accessories. These desks unlike other office desks have the ability to adjust their height according to our needs. So can even work on these desks in a standing position.

This way you will be able to work for a longer time without feeling tired. However, if you work on a laptop then you can also go for height adjustable laptop stands which can be placed on your normal desk.

3. Buy An Ergonomic Office Chair

A good comfortable office chair is required for people who sit in the same position for long durations. So, when you are designing your new workstation or upgrading the old one, don’t forget to add an ergonomic office chair to it. You can check some budget ergonomic chairs on ChairWiser.

However, when buying a chair for your workplace make sure it has all the ergonomic features like height adjustment, head support, backrest with the ability to move backward and forward, armrest, lumbar support, and a backrest tension control. Now, it’s hard to find a chair in the budget which have all of these features but try to get one that has most of them.

4. Invest In A Good Monitor/Screen

A screen is the most important part of the workstation as you are going to work on it all day long. So it’s important that you invest your money in a good monitor. The screen should be at least full HD resolution, have flick free display and adjustable brightness and contrast levels. This will protect you from eye strains from working on the display for a longer time.

The size of the screen should neither be too big nor too small, it should be based on your sitting distance. You can make use of our TV distance calculator tool to find the right monitor size based on how far you prefer to sit from it. You can also go for a dual monitor setup if your work requires multiple screens to work on.

5. Go Wireless

Instead of buying wired accessories and input devices for your workstation,, you can go for the wireless alternatives. The wireless keyboard, mouse, and other accessories will cost you more at upfront but they will provide the best clutter-free workstation.

However, if you prefer going with the wired input devices then you can invest in cable management products to manage and hide all the cables effectively. So that the cables and wires don’t disturb you while working.

6. Keep All Necessities Nearby

For a productive work session, it’s important that you keep all the necessities that you may require while working at your arm’s length. Keeping your water bottle, gadgets, stationery, and other stuff that you use frequently nearby can increase your workflow. As frequently moving away from the workstation can decrease your focus on the work.

7. Stick Motivational Quotes, Calendars, and To-Do List On The Wall

For extra motivation, you can use motivational quotes for a workstation which will help you be more focused on your work. Apart from that, you can use a calendar and to-do list which will keep reminding you of the deadlines and tasks you need to complete before the end of the day.

Doing so will have a positive psychological impact on your mind and will help you finish your work on time and with perfection.

8. Set Right Temperature

If you are working in an air-conditioned office or room then you need to set the right temperature so as to work more efficiently. As working in too hot or too cold conditions have shown an adverse effect on focus and productivity.

According to a study temperature below 13°, C, and temperature over 23°C are not suitable for working conditions. So try to keep your room temperature somewhere between the 13-23°C range for maximum productivity.

9. Block External Noises

It’s hard to focus on the work when there are all sorts of noises coming from the outside. To overcome this issue you can try soundproofing your room or office to block the external noises. However, soundproofing is a time consuming and expensive task, and therefore not everyone can afford it.

For those who want a cheaper but effective alternative to soundproofing,  can make use of white noise machines for offices or try using white noise generator websites and apps for blocking unwanted noise and focusing on the work.

10. Avoid Distractions

Last but not the least tip is to avoid any sort of distractions that stops you from working on your projects. It happens very often that we check our phone during the work to see the notifications and messages which distract us from our goals.

To overcome this, try to build a habit of putting your phone on silent while you are working. Not just the phone, but try to put any other thing on hold that distracts you from the work.


An organized workstation can increase your productivity by many folds and help you achieve all the tasks well within time. However, it’s not necessary that you build a workstation from scratch as you can always upgrade your existing workstation by following the tips shared here. And do share these tips with your friends whom you think needs to improve their workstation.

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